Vaginal gel in disposable plastic applicators

  Index:  WH01

  Forma:  Gel

  Status:  Medical device

  • Vaginal dryness associated with hormonal changes in all stages of a woman's life, especially during menopause, after childbirth, lactation and caused by chemo and radiotherapy. 
  • Abrasions or other factors related to superinfection.
  • Restoration of natural physiological condition of vaginal mucosa after gynecological intervention.
  • Symptoms of vaginal atrophy, i.e. itching, burning, swelling, redness, abnormal discharge, feeling of tissues tightness or discomfort during sexual intercourse.
  • For diabetic women as prevention of vaginal infections.
Active ingredients properties:
  • Hyaluronic acid - is a natural component of human body. Associated with moist secretions of vaginal mucosa, it forms a gel protective film on mucosa surface.
  • Lactic acid - by providing an acidic environment of vagina, maintains the microbial balance and prevents  spread of pathogenic bacteria.

Usage: For women.

Shelf life: 24 months

Packaging: 5 disposable, plastic applicators 5 ml each.

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