Private Label

Private Label

Our product – Your label

There are almost 50 medical devices, 60 food supplements and 40 cosmetics in our product portfolio
The quality is guaranteed by our ISO quality control system.

For each client a separate product delivery project is dedicated, conducted in accordance with the PMI standards and guaranted by our ISO Management Systems capabilties.

We designed 7 product’s line offered for our Clients:
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat), Women’s Healthcare, OncoMed, Skin Care, Children’s Healthcare, Ostomy, DiabetiMed

Produkcja Kontraktowa

Contract manufacturing

Gofarm offers Contract Manufacturing services  through a network of trusted and well-controlled Polish manufacturers of  medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.  Our comprehensive offer is a result of the interest and trust of our customers, therefore we offer a wide range of available forms of products and packaging.

Products’ forms:
Sprays, gels/creams, tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, lozenges, jelly gumiies, powders, suppositiories and globules, liquids: suspensions and syrups.

Blisters, jars, sachets, bottles, plastic and aluminium tubes, aluminium cans (sprays)

Produkcja kontraktowa

Konsulting farmaceutyczny


Your Product - Your Label

If you have a business or product idea and are looking for someone who will conduct or support the R&D, testing and certification process, we will find the manufacturer and supervise the production process.

We offer you a complete package of services which results in a consistent product ready for marketing. Here’s how our approach to product development look.